DR. S SQUARED (scoobyshanez) wrote in wrfl,

Music This Weekend

1) Eyes and Arms of Smoke are playing in the Artsplace basement Friday night beginning at 9. This event is free and all ages.
They're a local band composed of members of Hair Police+their girlfriends. They have fun with the soft-loud dynamic and clarinets are even present! I saw them open for the Incredible String Band maybe two weeks ago and I was really impressed. They are wonderful.
Also, playing is Voltage, as I can ascertain from the flyer, and a bunch of short films.

2) Animal Collective at Headliner's in Louisville Saturday night. Allmusic says they're influenced by the Incredible String Band (AGAIN! constant references...), the Flaming Lips, and Bjork amongst others. Four Tet, The Apples in Stereo, Mum, and The Olivia Tremor Control are listed as similar artists. I hear it's gonna be a fun time... Also, one of the band members is named Panda Bear. WHOA!
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