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tuesday, 30 aug 2005/6-730pm

he lays in reigns - iron and wine/calexico (in the reins)
jacksonville - sufjan stevens (illinois)
runny teeth - the elephants (rose attic/carver)

exhibit a - the features (exhibt a)
lives of crime - fruit bats (spelled in bones)
my, what a strange day with a swede - of montreal (if he is protecting...)

in the dark - the violent femmes (freak magnet)
vincent van gogh - jonathan richman
ride the nuclear wave - the oranges band (the world and everything in it)
string bean jean - belle and sebastian (dog on wheels)

heartbeat - annie (anniemal)
funny farm - king kong (funny farm)
malediction - stephen malkmus (face the truth)
animal shapes - the silver jews (tanglewood numbers)

[7 o'clock cover/original!]
know your onion! - of montreal
know your onion! - the shins (oh, inverted world!)

i'm new here - smog (a river ain't too much to love)
let's kiss - beat happening (beat happening)
little thoughts - bloc party (little thoughts/tulips)
moscow - orange juice (the glasgow school)

neighborhood #3 (power out) - the arcade fire (funeral)
star bodies - the new pornographers (twin cinema)
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Great Set!